Talking to Customers about Face Coverings


Talking to Customers about Face Coverings Enforcing the face covering policy required by state law protects the well-being of your customers and your own personal safety while at work. Here are some tips and helpful information for communicating with customers who do not comply with the law. The Oregon Health [...]

Local Small Business Repair Grant


Local Small Business Repair Grants This program offers grant support to local small businesses. Many Portland businesses have experienced an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety as a result of recent economic shocks. The Local Small Business Repair Grants will use existing tax increment funding (TIF) resources and funding allocated by City Council to [...]

Portland Small Business Relief Fund


Small Business Relief Fund The Small Business Relief Fund is closed. The selection process will involve a committee comprising representatives from the Council for Economic and Racial Equity, Oregon Native American Chamber, Black American Chamber, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, and the Philippine American Chamber, as well as individuals from the business community and City [...]

Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program


CONTACT: Morgan Masterman, EMAIL OR 503-823-6839 Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program The Community Opportunities and Enhancements Program (COEP) is a City of Portland strategy to increase diversity and equity in construction contracting. The goals of the COEP are to increase the number of people of color and women in the trades and to remove [...]

10Y Leasing Opportunities


Prosper Portland will offer the Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program at 10Y, a full block of commercial space in the prime West End area of downtown Portland at SW 10th Avenue and SW Yamhill Street. The revitalized building will offer a variety of spaces to create a cohesive and complementary mix of tenants.

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