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Prosper Portland Equity Council

Contact: Lené Hopson, Equity Council Coordinator

The Equity Council would like to acknowledge and speak out against the recent events related to the rise of violent acts from hate groups espousing white supremacy ideology. We voice our support for those who may feel targeted or threatened by those events. We reiterate the commitment within Prosper Portland to move toward becoming a fully anti-racist organization and to work to support all members of our community, particularly those who may feel vulnerable due to racism in our American culture.

The Equity Council is furthering our journey of inclusiveness as an organization through plans for staff training and facilitation, caucusing, informal meetings and raising awareness and promoting equity within Prosper Portland.

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At Prosper Portland, we believe “Equity” is realized when everyone has access to opportunities necessary to satisfy their essential needs (security and stability), advance their well-being (growth), and achieve their full potential (prosperity). We have a shared fate as individuals within a community and as communities within society. Everyone needs the ability to shape their own present and future. Equity is both the means to healthy communities and an end that benefits us all.

Twenty-Year Vision:

Prosper Portland recognizes that institutional racism denies all communities prosperity and growth and, therefore, we make equity and inclusion the foundation of our work. We engage our colleagues and partners in a manner free of bias and entitlement, and we work to ensure an equitable distribution of resources across Portland. We develop deep, authentic relationships with all communities and collaborate on projects that result from these relationships. We work toward nothing less than an antiracist Portland that embraces all communities and perspectives.

Strategic Direction

The Equity Council plays a vital role in implementing Prosper Portland’s five-year strategic plan and thus facilitates the process of transforming the agency into an antiracist institution. We will achieve these goals by following these guiding principles in our action plan:

  • Embodying antiracist behavior
  • Institutionalizing antiracist staff development
  • Expanding partnerships and tools to achieve antiracist transformation
  • Telling our story: our racist past and our antiracist journey forward
  • Fostering inclusive and transparent decision making agency-wide

Our Equity Council was chartered to hold Prosper Portland accountable for achieving the objectives of our Equity Policy as instituted by our Council Charter. To achieve our purpose, the Council will:

  • Identify institutional racism and cultural barriers that prohibit equitable access to Prosper Portland resources;
  • Make recommendations to dismantle institutional racism and improve diversity and cultural competency;
  • Provide training and other assistance to promote progress toward achieving Equity Policy objectives;
  • Initiate and champion courageous conversations that increase employee awareness and sensitivity to issues of race, privilege, and inequity;
  • Facilitate the involvement of the Prosper Portland Leadership Team in Council initiatives;
  • Monitor and audit Prosper Portland’s progress in meeting the goals of the Equity Policy;
  • Develop and support use of analytical tools that assist in reviewing and evaluating equity impacts of programs, policies, and practices;
  • Develop effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders vital to the goals of the Equity Policy;
  • Assist Prosper Portland Human Resources with the development of individual and team equity plan templates, and provide support and expertise with the implementation and assessment of equity plans.