Community Giving Program

The sponsorships Prosper Portland makes are investments in the community that reflect our key values: to make a difference, to build partnerships, to advance equity, to innovate. We make these investments to support the underserved, to advance our goal to create economic opportunity and growth for all Portland residents and to share our story.

We use sponsorship dollars carefully – to honor the public trust. And in doing so, we hope to affect and serve the people of Portland, whether it’s through restoring a neighborhood’s safety and pride, supporting minority-owned or women-owned startups, or making Portland products accessible worldwide. When we build community, when we encourage shared prosperity, when we make a difference – we add to the prosperity of Portland.

To make our sponsorships more effective and maximize investments, we’re now partnering with other city bureaus as a team on trade shows, events and publications with the mission of contracting and engaging with minority, women and emerging small businesses. Please contact Tiffani Penson, Supplier Diversity Officer at the City of Portland, for more information: 503-823-7785.