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Small Business Relief Fund Round 1 (Closed)


Small Business Relief Fund Round 1 Round 2 applications for the Small Business Relief Fund are open September 14-25. More information. Background On March 18, 2020 Portland City Council approved the allocation of $1 million in general fund dollars for relief to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following day [...]

Talking to Customers about Face Coverings


Talking to Customers about Face Coverings Enforcing the face covering policy required by state law protects the well-being of your customers and your own personal safety while at work. Here are some tips and helpful information for communicating with customers who do not comply with the law. The Oregon Health [...]



复工资源 州长凯特‧布朗 (Kate Brown) 核准马尔特诺马县 (Multnomah) 申请,於 6 月 19 日星期五起进入第一阶段开放。 Prosper Portland 致力于帮助波特兰小型企业根据俄勒冈州县要求指南谨慎营业。我们继续声援为保护黑人居民的安全和福祉发起的运动,并支持黑人和 BIPOC(Black, Indigenous and People of Color,黑人、原住民和有色人种))所有的企业,随着分阶段复工计划在本周晚些时候启动,我们认识到共享小型企业和非营利组织的新资源相关信息的重要性。  6 月 5 日星期五,摩尔特诺马县 (Multnomah County) 向俄勒冈州提交了复工框架,旨在恢复多数公共生活并重新开放诸多企业。 州长凯特‧布朗 (Kate Brown) 核准马尔特诺马县 (Multnomah) 申请,於 6 月 19 日星期五起进入第一阶段开放。 此外,自 6 月 24 日星期三起,在马尔特诺马 (Multnomah) 县、华盛顿 (Washington) 县及克拉克马斯 (Clackamas) 县(及其他县)的公共室内空间,如超市或其他营业场所,必须戴上面罩。 我们已编撰营销材料,帮助您与您的客户交流您的企业为安全复工所采取的措施。 随着时间的推移,我们将继续执行此计划。 以下是用于 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram [...]

Local Small Business Repair Grant


Local Small Business Repair Grants This program offers grant support to local small businesses. Many Portland businesses have experienced an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety as a result of recent economic shocks. The Local Small Business Repair Grants will use existing tax increment funding (TIF) resources and funding allocated by City Council to [...]

Portland Small Business Relief Fund


Small Business Relief Fund The Small Business Relief Fund is closed. The selection process will involve a committee comprising representatives from the Council for Economic and Racial Equity, Oregon Native American Chamber, Black American Chamber, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, and the Philippine American Chamber, as well as individuals from the business community and City [...]

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