In the midst of a public health & economic crisis, how and where you spend your money matters. Portland’s small businesses are the very soul of the city – and many of them, owned by People of Color, could use your business. Local retailers earn most of their revenue during November and December, and they need your support now more than ever! makes it easy for people to be intentional about where they spend their money this holiday season. The website contains a directory of hundreds of local businesses offering safe in-store or virtual experiences and is searchable by location and category. Businesses range from cafes, bars and restaurants to personal care and lifestyle gifts, food products and pet accessories – as well as services such as curbside pickup, online ordering and delivery, gift cards, and subscription boxes. The site also includes a calendar of events to encourage residents and visitors to safely participate in the many events planned for holiday season.

ShopSmallPDX also features an inclusive focus on businesses owned by members of the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to broaden the multicultural shopping possibilities, offering a way to make buying more intentional, imaginative and meaningful for local businesses that need the support right now.

Companies can submit their information to be added to the directory by filling out this form:

Add your business to the directory

The ShopSmallPDX website is part of a collective effort by an array of partner organizations, including Prosper Portland, MercatusTravel Portland, Central Eastside Industrial Council, Portland Business Alliance, Venture Portland, Bricks Need Mortar, and Greater Portland Inc to share the message that this is the time to support the city’s small retailers, restaurants, craft makers and service providers.