Prosper Portland awards $6.3 million in grants from Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund

May 30, 2024
Contact: Shawn Uhlman, Prosper Portland, 503-823-7994

Prosper Portland is proud to announce the first round of grants from the Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund. More than $6.3 million in grant funding will be awarded to 53 projects, with awards ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.

Grants from the Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund are made in accordance with direction from Portland City Council when the program was transferred to Prosper Portland in 2023. The grants, which are funded with cannabis tax revenue, are also made in alignment with the City’s Advance Portland strategic vision to foster wealth creation within underserved communities by creating access to economic opportunity for business development and growth.

Reimagine Oregon began as an initiative created by Black-led organizations and individuals working to dismantle systematic racism in Oregon. Community leadership created a movement that resulted in the launch of the Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund at Prosper Portland, which is intended to provide economic opportunities to communities disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition.

“This is an important first step in repairing the harm done to Portland communities by cannabis prohibition,” said Justice Rajee, director of the Reimagine Oregon Project. “I want to thank Prosper Portland and Commissioner Rubio for championing this cause and working tirelessly to create and implement a fair, equitable grant program. I also want to acknowledge the Reimagine Oregon steering committee for its leadership, vision, and support in launching this new program. This was not an easy task.”

Grants were awarded to both for-profit and nonprofit entities, that operate within the City of Portland. Fund use was designed to allow for proposals for growth and capacity-building initiatives in one of three categories:

  • Accelerate Business Growth & Entrepreneurship (Funding opportunity for for-profit businesses)
  • Build Community Wealth & Economic Empowerment (Funding opportunity for non-profit organizations)
  • Create Anchor Projects that Enhance Community Engagement & Collaboration (Collaborative funding opportunity, for both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses)

“The overwhelming response to this program illustrates the deep desire of many local businesses and organizations to take part in the revitalization of the Portland economy. I remain impressed by the response to this new program and am particularly inspired by the ingenuity and self-determination demonstrated within communities disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition,” said Chabre Vickers, Director of Equity, Policy & Communications at Prosper Portland. “While we did not have the capacity to fund every project, we are excited for this year’s awardees, the impact they will have across Portland, and we look forward to funding additional projects in the next round.”

Prosper Portland received 380 grant applications in the first round of the Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund Grant, with requested funds totaling more than $109 million. The next round of funding will be in Spring 2025.

“We know that Prosper Portland’s other grants, lending products, technical assistance programs, and partners form a valuable set of resources for all Reimagine Fund grant applicants,” said Prosper Portland Executive Director Kimberly Branam.  We look forward to the upcoming launch of the Office of Small Business at Prosper Portland, which will help small business owners better navigate the full array of services available to them.”

A full list of awardees is included below.

Reimagine Oregon Economic Opportunity Investment Fund Grant awardees

Organization NameAward AmountProgram NameOrganization Type
Adre LLC$68,000.00 Brand Identity and Social & Environmental CertificationFor-profit business
Art Larger Than Me Studios$68,000.00 Enhancing Capacity and Fostering Community at Art Larger Than MeFor-profit business
Black Excellence Group$115,000.00 Accelerating Economic Opportunity with Black Excellence Group to support the social and economic well-being of 600 black students and families!For-profit business
Black Pearl Wellness LLC$90,000.00 Capital investments to support mortgage, clinical equipment purchase, and capacity buildingFor-profit business
Brand Zanele LLC$200,000.00 Building Economic Opportunities with Here to Stay SeriesFor-profit business
Cemented Rose Therapeutics LLC$75,000.00 Hire Culturally-Responsive Providers to Increase Mental Health Access and Establish Community PartnershipsFor-profit business
Champions Barbering Institute$200,000.00 Catalysts of Change: Innovative Vision for Cosmetology Education and Industry LeadershipFor-profit business
COR Disposal and Recycling$200,000.00 Funds to Launch the COR Campus Circular Economy Innovation Hub For-profit business
Crossover Construction LLC$200,000.00 Acquiring Office Space to support Minority Focused Expansion and Capacity Building effortsFor-profit business
D.V. Kattz Enterprise LLC$88,000.00 Historic Mississippi Food Cart PodFor-profit business
FLI Social Inc $90,000.00 FLI Social: Bridging Communities, Empowering Businesses and Freelancers - A Digital Platform Optimization Initiative for Economic GrowthFor-profit business
Global Green Corporation$200,000.00 Global Green Tree Service Branches Out: Capacity Building for Local Black-Owned Essential Service Business to Meet Community Green Infrastructure Needs For-profit business
Grow With Masa Inc.$200,000.00 Grow With Masa Initiative to accelerate business growth and entrepreneurship for farmersFor-profit business
Guide on the Side$29,000.00 Show Me the Money (Workshops to help small businesses access government funding opportunities)For-profit business
H.E.L.P. Home Energy Life Performance Group Inc$94,000.00 Equity in Action: Sustaining Living Wages & Serving CommunitiesFor-profit business
HMS Developments$150,000.00 N/NE Catalytic Cultural HubFor-profit business
Hue Noir LLC$150,000.00 From Lipsticks to Livelihoods: Fueling Economic Prosperity Through Cosmetic Innovation HubFor-profit business
JM Joints Inc$150,000.00 All The Places JM Joints Will Go (Expanding operations through workspace acquisition and capacity building)For-profit business
KISS Coffee $19,000.00 KISS; a love story. A native Black Portland legacy. (Equipment purchase and increasing staff)For-profit business
Lash Lab PDX$150,000.00 Glam Lab: Beauty Professional suites, where family is welcome and your business thrives!For-profit business
MeRae’s$27,000.00 MeRae’s Trichology Project (Build staff capacity to increase clientele)For-profit business
New Heights S & H LLC$67,000.00 Investing in Equipment to Sustain and Grow Uncle Vinny's EateryFor-profit business
Oregon Expungement Relief Project (OERP)$90,000.00 Oregon Expungement Relief ProjectFor-profit business
Pregame Inc.$117,000.00 Pregame PDX (Providing business coaching to entrepreneurs in the tech, culture, outdoor, real estate, media, construction industries, and more)For-profit business
Sankofa Counseling LLC$150,000.00 Here to Stay: Grow Your Own (Provide Clinical Supervision certification for staff to comprehensively address mental health inequities)For-profit business
Sheila's Tinee Totz$150,000.00 Expanding Sheila's Tinee TotzFor-profit business
Third Eye Books Accessories & Gifts LLC$98,000.00 Third Eye Books 1619 Book TourFor-profit business
Vanport Studio LLC$200,000.00 PitchBlack/Vanport Studio LLCFor-profit business
Vascular Vision LLC$200,000.00 Vascular Vision Growth PlanFor-profit business
Willamette Technical Fabricators$110,000.00 Floating Offshore Wind Training and Production Center Site AnalysisFor-profit business
Workplace Change LLC$5,000.00 Redefining the Image of a Successful BusinessFor-profit business
Albina Vision Trust$200,000.00 AVT Headquarters and Community Impact CenterNon-profit
Black Parent Initiative$100,000.00 Black Family Connect at Soul Sips Community Café Non-profit
Coalition of Black Men$118,000.00 Build capacity and infrastructure for C3 -DB Initiative Non-profit
Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Program$79,000.00 Building Brighter Futures: Construction Training Program EnhancementsNon-profit
Dress for Success Oregon$46,000.00 Supporting Low-Income Women and Gender Expansive People Gain Stability, Financial Literacy, and EmploymentNon-profit
Feed'em Freedom Foundation$92,000.00 Feed’em Freedom Black Regional Food HubNon-profit
Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon$120,000.00 Empowering young adults to build financial literacy and intergenerational wealth through small business ownershipNon-profit
NAMC-Oregon$150,000.00 Small Business and Workforce Center Property AcquisitionNon-profit
p:ear$100,000.00 Rosewood Regenerative Community Garden & Job Training for Homeless YouthNon-profit
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc.$120,000.00 Workforce Opportunities Training: Expanding Resources and Economic OpportunitiesNon-profit
Prismid Inc.$150,000.00 Completing Portland’s First BIPoC Community-Led Environmentally & Financially Self-Sustaining Arts & Culture Community Hub Non-profit
Self Enhancement Inc.$150,000.00 Failing Street Housing Development ProjectNon-profit
Taking Ownership PDX$150,000.00 Enhancing community engagement and collaboration through Portland’s anchor: the Black home.Non-profit
The Black United Fund of Oregon (BUF-OR)$100,000.00 Building United Futures (B.U.F.) Complex Non-profit
The Blueprint Foundation$90,000.00 Change is in the Air Empowerment and Training ProgramNon-profit
The Urban League of Portland$100,000.00 Enhanced Service Integration Hub: Capitalizing on 80 Years of EmpowermentNon-profit
Word is Bond$40,000.00 Building an equitable Oregon: Empowering the suns of the War on DrugsNon-profit
WR Homes Knott Street LLC$200,000.00 The Williams & Russell Affordable Homeownership ProjectNon-profit
Center for Black Excellence$100,000.00 Making Space to C.A.R.E. for Black Families in Albina and BeyondOrganization with a 501(c)3 sponsor
EnerCity Collaborative$100,000.00 Building the Future: Empowering Communities through Home Energy EfficiencyOrganization with a 501(c)3 sponsor
Oregon Public Health Institute$120,000.00 Cultivating Black Wealth, Health, and Joy: Right From the Start Black Childcare Provider Business AcceleratorOrganization with a 501(c)3 sponsor
The Black Business Association of Oregon$150,000.00 Growing and Expanding Existing Black-Owned Businesses and Scaling New Black-Owned BusinessesOrganization with a 501(c)3 sponsor