N/NE Community Development Initiative

The Interstate Corridor Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District has $32 million in tax increment funds (TIF) for economic and redevelopment purposes. The N/NE Portland Community Development Initiative, established by Prosper Portland and guided by an advisory committee, developed an Action Plan to guide the investment of these resources.

Contact: Sharon Smith, email OR 503-823-5340

Project Goals

The goals of the N/NE Portland Community Development Initiative (CDI or Initiative) are to:

  • increase employment and wealth creation opportunities for long-term and returning residents, business and property owners,
  • strengthen community capacity to produce economic opportunities, and
  • support cultural/community assets.

To achieve these goals, the Initiative established desired outcomes and strategic investment priorities for the remaining $32 million in TIF funds. Investments will be consistent with the District Plan and Prosper Portland’s strategic goals, and will build on complementary, community-led initiatives such as the State of Black Oregon. The Initiative focused on TIF-eligible “bricks & mortar” development projects and also prioritized non-TIF investments that support the goals of the Initiative, such as business technical assistance.

Action Plan Update

This pie chart shows how money has been spent among the five Action Plan goals.

View detailed data about the progress of each Action Plan goal, including the amount of money awarded and demographic information about the recipients.

Public Outreach

The Initiative has incorporated public outreach consisting of individual interviews and focus group discussion with key leaders invested in community economic development activities. In addition, the general public submitted their input at community forums held in September 2016 and March 2017.

N/NE Action Plan Leadership Committee

The committee works in partnership with Prosper Portland in an oversight capacity to implement the Action Plan for the N/NE Community Development Initiative for economic development in the N/NE Interstate Corridor. Committee members use their professional skills and background to inform and drive the agency’s approach and investment of tax increment funding; review progress; and recommend adjustments to improve impact.

The core work of the committee:

  • Lead work with a focus on engagement
  • Support partnerships with community-based organizations and leaders
  • Provide recommendations and oversight on Action Plan direction and investment priorities
  • Assess progress and make recommendations to improve impact
  • Attend monthly meetings and periodic work group sessions

Leadership Committee Roster

  • Isis Harris , IBEW, Oregon Tradeswomen, Constructing Hope
  • Ndamukong Suh, HMS Development
  • Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, Moda Health
  • Michael Harper, State Farm Insurance
  • Ebony Amato, Owner, XO PDX
  • Tejara Brown, FFA Architecture
  • Cherie Davis, SEI
  • Aben Hill, Rivermark Community Credit Union
  • Nicholas Green, Adidas
  • LaSheera Chambers, Queendom Cuts