Project Description

Inspiring Diversity Grant

Launch or expand a diversity and equity program within your organization with help from Prosper Portland

tech & media business people

The Inspiring Diversity Grant offers funding for local traded-sector employers (those selling goods and services outside Portland) to inspire creative, equity-related best practices around workforce, community partnerships, marketing and communications. Participation in the program gives your company the chance to build new community partnerships with underrepresented populations. Inspiring Diversity Grant recipients contribute to best practices for the larger business community and are leaders in building an equitable economy for all Portlanders.

  • Company must be a traded sector business (sell a portion of your goods and services outside of the region), preferably within one of the identified clusters (Athletic & Outdoor/Consumer Product, Green Cities Products & Services, Technology & Media, Manufacturing)
  • Company must be located within Portland city limits
  • Grant must be used to further diversity and inclusion efforts within the company
  • Company must provide in detail how requested funds will be used
  • Companies may apply for up to $10,000 in grant funds
  • Preference will be given to companies that can match requested funds
  • Projects will be evaluated on the following:
    • Innovation- initiatives that create new approaches to old problems
    • Level of community engagement or impact
    • Replicable across industry
    • Leadership/Executive commitment

Projects can be related to internal improvements or increased external/community engagement processes. Examples include:

  • Organizational trainings or education
  • Marketing and outreach to underserved communities
  • Development of a diversity hiring plan
  • Increase career pathways for existing employees from diverse backgrounds
  • New partnerships with community non-profits
  • Develop or expand diversity supplier programs
  • Development of a diversity and equity market assessment
  • Competitiveness – outline how this will make your business more competitive
  • Submit receipts for final reimbursement prior to June 1, 2020; 50% of funding can be disbursed upon selection in to the program.
  • Commit to 1-2 group sessions to discuss best practices with other businesses or grant recipients
  • Participate in end of year ceremony and presentation
  • Share outcomes and results with Prosper Portland staff

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