The now-iconic Portland Tram celebrated its 10-year anniversary in late January with a series of community events and inside looks at its innovative engineering and effect on the South Waterfront neighborhood. PDC’s specific contribution to the design and construction of the tram, on behalf of the city, totaled $8.5 million, and paved the way for the continued growth of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

Today, the City, PDC, and our development partners OHSU and Zidell are focused on the opportunities directly north of the tram that leverage earlier public investments in the Central District and the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail. The City is supporting OHSU’s Knight Cancer Research Building through the construction of SW Bond Street, and our development agreement with Zidell for the redevelopment of their 30 acres further delivers on the City’s goals for a neighborhood that flourishes with transportation, parks, open space, 10,000 quality jobs and 3,000 new housing units with many affordable options.