Mirsa Lopez, Property Manager and Lents resident

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Portland in the mid ‘80s and grew up in a family of five. During my elementary years we lived in the Lents area where my brothers and I went to Kelly, the neighborhood school. I loved my school, staff and small groups that allowed my mother to participate in school events and activities that I would get to do with her during her volunteer time.

What challenges have you faced and what did you learn from them?

Growing up a minority and with parents that had no education and lacked the English language was really hard. I remember not being able to ask them for help with my homework or asking what some of the words that I had on my spelling test meant. I was also a really shy child and got embarrassed really quickly and because of that I didn’t ask many questions. I was able to overcome this fear in my late elementary years by realizing that if I didn’t say or ask questions I was not going to get anywhere. My teacher in 5th grade told her whole class that by asking for help or clarification about something was just part of learning and growing up and that is something that I have in mind all the time.

Lents Commons exterior night time

How did you connect with Lents Commons and Prosper Portland?

I came across an ad that Lents Commons was pre-leasing and at that time I was in the process of looking for a new job. I decided to reach out to the Portfolio Manager and asked if she had hired a manager for the Lents Commons because I would be interested in applying. I interviewed and was offered the position as the Property Manager for Lents Commons.

What has been an unexpected benefit of the work?

I get to offer new and amazing affordable/market units which Lents has lacked. I love the interaction with people from the neighborhood and seeing the nice response that they give about the new property and commercial spaces that are soon to open. Seeing how much the Lents area has grown and will continue to grow is something that I am glad to be part of.