Prosper Portland Business Finance Programs

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Project Description

Prosper Portland Business Finance Programs

Contact: Nixie Stark, email or 503-823-0465

With a mission to create economic growth and opportunity for Portland, Prosper Portland connects you to  resources to create more jobs for Portland. We work with Portland businesses to identify business needs and eligibility for either our assistance programs or those of our partners, and then help you find the program that fits best.

In general, Prosper Portland business finance programs address the need for:

  • Tenant improvements
  • Equipment purchase
  • Façade improvements
  • Property development & rehabilitation
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Credit enhancement
  • Property feasibility study
  • Working capital

We also connect you to the Portland Enterprise Zone program, efficiency improvement programs, and state and federal incentives.

You can quickly determine whether your property is in an urban renewal area.

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