Industry Support

Athletic & Outdoor: Sue Bal  |  Metals & Manufacturing: Kevin Johnson  |  Green Cities: Katherine Krajnak

Prosper Portland supports four industry sectors – Technology & Media, Green Cities, Metals & Machinery, and Athletic & Outdoor – through partnerships, initiatives, and technical assistance. 

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The region hosts a concentration of talent and companies in these highgrowth industries. We want to ensure inclusive growth by supporting these competitive industries that provide high-quality job opportunities and working to fill those jobs with people of color and low-income residents. 

About Industry Support

An industry cluster is a group of geographically concentrated, interrelated firms. Companies that locate in a cluster benefit from a skilled labor force, increased innovation, coordinated advocacy efforts, high-quality supply chains, and knowledge spillover. Clusters interact in ways that establish competitive advantages through the creation and incorporation of new knowledge into products and the processes that produce them.

By focusing on clusters we can: 

  • Deploy limited resources in a strategic and catalytic fashion. 
  • Interact with groups of firms rather than conduct isolated transactions. 
  • Facilitate industry-led innovation and interventions. 
  • Foster the alignment of resources among regional and state partners. 

If Black, Latinx and other people of color had the same income distribution as white people, the nation’s GDP would have been 14 percent greater in 2012 – $2.1 trillion. Fostering a more equitable Portland will attract an increasingly diverse workforce who will see the city as a place where they can succeed. 

Traded sector clusters are drivers of our economy as their sales of goods outside of the region  bring money into Portland. 

  • Access and support for trade missions 
  • Expansion & relocation Support 
  • Export assistance 
  • Peertopeer networking opportunities 
  • Access to grants, financial programs, and technical assistance 


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