How Prosper Portland Supports Houseless Services and Safe Rest Villages

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How Prosper Portland Supports Houseless Services and Safe Rest Villages

Along with our community and public partners, Prosper Portland is deeply concerned about the well-being of Portlanders living unsheltered within our city. We are committed to being a part of the solution and have made multiple properties available to support the work of the Joint Office and Commissioner Dan Ryan. We know that by working together, we can create effective short-term and longer-term opportunities to support people experiencing houselessness.

Map of Prosper Portland Properties with Safe Rest Villages

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all downtown City-sanctioned camps available during the crisis have been on Prosper Portland-owned properties at NW Glisan St. and Broadway in Old Town and on SE Water Avenue in the Central Eastside. Over the past months, we’ve continued to work with City partners and village operators to transition these camps to tiny home villages and to identify additional Prosper Portland- and City-owned sites for the villages to relocate to and continue to operate.

Today, the majority of Safe Rest Villages operating in the central city remain on Prosper Portland-owned properties in the Central Eastside, Old Town, and also at NE Weidler and NE 1st Ave. in the Lloyd District. These sites reflect Prosper Portland’s early and ongoing commitment to help address this crisis.

Prosper Portland has also made available two sites longer term – through disposition of property in Kenton for the Kenton Women’s Village and leasing our property in support of Oregon Harbor of Hope on NW Naito Parkway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the city have a process in place when considering sites for outdoor shelters?2021-11-05T11:31:56-07:00

Yes, you may view the established criteria on Commissioner Ryan’s website.

Does Prosper Portland have plans to develop the three current village sites?2021-12-03T10:05:12-08:00

Currently, Prosper Portland does not have plans to redevelop the property at NE Weidler and NE 1st Avenue.

Block R in NW Portland is part of the Broadway Corridor development and will be developed in line with the vision for that larger site. This property might be used, in part, for permanent affordable housing.

Block C in the Central Eastside is part of a three-block (Blocks A, B and C) development deal Prosper Portland is working to finalize with Beam Development.

  • For Block A the developers plan to deliver a building focused on an Inclusive Technology Cluster which is a ground-floor program of tech-focused for-profits and non-profits working together to nurture emerging businesses and to train up new workforces. Projected groundbreaking is in the first half of 2022.
  • Block B will provide a building focused on a Creative Production Cluster. This will create a dynamic ground-floor mix of affordable make/sell space and arts-based non-profits to attract creative content producers and create synergies within the building. All industrial office tenants should feel welcomed. While the term sheet signed two years ago with the developer provides a timeline, it may have to be revisited.
  • Block C will provide a Food & Beverage Cluster which is a dynamic mix of food- and beverage-focused companies working together to create a must-see destination for innovative F&B production, retail, and community. While the term sheet signed two years ago with the developer provides a timeline, it may have to be revisited.
Does Prosper Portland charge any fees or rent to houseless village operators?2021-12-03T10:03:56-08:00

No. All lease payments and fees have been waived for the three sites currently operated by JOHS. In addition, Prosper Portland provided $100,000 in TIF funding to assist with environmental cleanup to facilitate the use of the Oregon Harbor of Hope site.

Why can’t the former USPS site in NW Portland be used as a Safe Rest Village?2021-12-03T10:02:07-08:00

The USPS site does not meet the criteria for site selection established by the Safe Rest Village team. There is a court-ordered consent judgment with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) which legally prohibits residential use of any type. An environmental analysis concluded that contamination on the site would put human health at risk, and that this risk is serious enough to require Prosper Portland, as the landowner, to proactively exclude people until the risk is mitigated. We are conferring with DEQ and the Department of Justice regarding the feasibility of amending the consent judgment but neither the amendment process nor the necessary environmental remediation meets the criteria safe and ready sites.

In addition, as part of our commitment to the City’s economic recovery, Prosper Portland is moving forward with three years of site preparation and infrastructure work. To be ready for new residents and commercial tenants in 2026, structures must be demolished, and streets must be built. This work, which will start in early 2022, will support hundreds of construction jobs and invest $43 million into our local economy.

More information about Safe Rest Villages

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