On April 11 the Prosper Portland Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to name Continuum Partners of Denver, CO as the Master Plan Advisors on the 32-acre Broadway Corridor project.

“For this project the role of ‘master plan advisor’ essentially consists of two main phases,” said Project Manager Sarah Harpole. “First, Continuum will advise Prosper Portland, the Portland Housing Bureau and our project consultant ZGF on potential opportunities within the Broadway Corridor area. Second, Continuum will have the right to propose a redevelopment plan for the 14-acre US Postal Service site located in the Broadway Corridor.”

With Continuum now in place, the project moves to its next phase, creating a people-centered development plan to guide the Broadway Corridor development and achieve community aspirations. That process will include significant community engagement and will define public benefits to be included in a community benefits agreement as part of redevelopment.