The Business and Workforce Equity in Construction page on our website offers a high-level look at our Business Equity and Workforce policies and performance on both completed and under-construction projects for the last three years.  These are Prosper Portland-owned, Prosper Portland-sponsored land sales or projects that fall under the Project Apprenticeship Agreement.

Each project is displayed against the respective policy goal/requirement; as our Workforce Diversity Goals step up on a yearly basis, the goal/requirement line increases by year (1% each year for female participation, .5% per year for minority participation.)

Links to the individual project pages, such as this one, are at the bottom of the page.  Each link contains a project description as well as total project cost, Prosper Portland investment, job creation, LEED status and financial partners, followed by a breakdown on the project’s performance towards our Business & Workforce Equity goals/requirements.