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Broadway Corridor Development Opportunity

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Broadway Corridor Development Opportunity2019-02-07T15:43:05-08:00

Project Description

Broadway Corridor Development Opportunity

Contact: Sarah Harpoleemail or 503-823-3337
See the full Broadway Corridor Project Website

Redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to add to Portland’s economy and vitality and to deliver community benefits.

The Broadway Corridor, and more particularly the USPS site, is identified in the City of Portland’s West Quadrant Plan as a key opportunity site for high-density employment and signature city attractions, connecting the Old Town/Chinatown and Pearl District neighborhoods.

The Broadway Corridor area is approximately 32 acres and encompasses several Prosper Portland-owned properties, including the recently acquired 14-acre United States Postal Service site , located on the western half of the study area. Additionally, Prosper Portland owns Blocks Y and R and Union Station (see map on right). Built in 1896, Union Station is an active hub for Amtrak passenger rail; Prosper Portland aims to further position and activate the station as a gateway to the city and surrounding neighborhood.

Prosper Portland has initiated a multi-phase process to determine the development strategy for the area. Prosper Portland is pursuing planning and redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor with an intentional focus on ensuring all communities have an opportunity to engage in and benefit from its redevelopment. Robust community engagement will accompany efforts to solicit development partner(s), prepare a Master Plan for future development, and define required public benefits.

Visit the Broadway Corridor Website

Project Timeline

USPS Site Map

Frequently Asked Questions: USPS

When will construction begin on new parks, roads, businesses or residences on the USPS site?2019-02-07T15:00:51-08:00

We expect to begin construction in fall 2022. The date of construction will depend on the completion of the development plan and the design and permitting process.

When are the upcoming community open houses to review the draft design concepts?2019-02-07T15:00:20-08:00

The next Open House will take place in Spring 2019, although we haven’t set the date yet. Materials from the last Open Houses (July, September, and November 2018) are available on the Broadway Corridor website.

Do members of the Broadway Corridor project team provide regular updates to the Pearl District Neighborhood Association (PDNA), Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association (OTCT), or any other groups?  2019-02-07T14:59:16-08:00

We began our process for developing the Broadway Corridor project by first convening a diverse Steering Committee, which includes representation from the PDNA, OTCT, community organizations, the business community, and labor. The Committee advises Prosper Portland on the public benefit priorities for the site and the development plan, which covers the street grid, block layout, and general land uses of the development. We have conducted several Open Houses with opportunities for the public to weigh in on the project. In addition, updates are posted on the project’s social media @broadwaycorrpdx and announced during Steering Committee meetings.

You can find information and meeting materials for past public meetings on the Broadway Corridor website.

Is USPS planning any sort of event for current/former employees to visit the site prior to handing over control?2019-02-07T14:57:35-08:00

Currently, there are no plans for a formal event for current / former employees to visit the USPS site prior to handing over control. However, we encourage interested employees to become involved in the public involvement process. You can find more information on the Broadway Corridor website.

Can we lead media members on a tour once Prosper Portland has full site control?2019-02-07T14:57:54-08:00

We will do our best to accommodate media tours of the USPS site. Please contact Public Affairs Manager Shawn Uhlman for details.

Will any portion of the site be used as a homeless shelter?2019-02-07T14:55:28-08:00

We are exploring opportunities to use the site as a warming shelter and are currently assessing the feasibility of this use given environmental factors.

Will Prosper Portland operate the existing parking garage as a public facility?2019-02-07T14:55:04-08:00

Yes, Prosper Portland intends on operating the existing parking garage and the surface parking lot that is adjacent, for public daily and monthly parking as part of the interim use plan.

How will you determine the interim use programming?2019-02-07T14:54:39-08:00

Thus far, the only interim use programming in place is My People’s Market, which will take place on the north surface parking lot of the site on June 1, 2019. We have not yet determined other interim uses or a process for doing so.

Will Prosper Portland pursue interim uses for any portion of the site? If so, when would those uses commence?2019-02-07T15:16:10-08:00

In the short-term, we plan on activating the north surface parking lot, which is approximately 147,000 square feet, for events. The master planning process will address phasing, which will guide the timeline of availability of the north surface parking lot for interim use. There will be no interim use of the main building (USPS mail processing facility). See the map for details.

View the USPS site map

When will the retail operations move? Where will those functions move?2019-02-07T14:46:22-08:00

USPS must move before demolition of the facility can begin. Prosper Portland is looking at potential sites for relocation of the retail operations. All sites under consideration are located with one-half mile of the current retail facility.

What other services can customers access at that location?2019-02-07T14:45:58-08:00

In addition to the retail counters and post office boxes, the USPS site will continue to operate self-serve kiosks and customer parking in the south surface lot.

When will the USPS cease mail processing at the site?2019-02-07T14:45:34-08:00

The mail processing center ceased operations on June 16, 2018. The physical property move-out date is February 1, 2019.  The retail and post office box operations will remain on the site until further notice.

Is USPS still providing security at the site? If so, what is the scope?2019-02-07T14:44:16-08:00

USPS will provide security for its employees and the entirety of the interior of the main building via US Postal Inspectors. Prosper Portland will provide security for the grounds and perimeter of the property.

How do stakeholders report security issues?2019-02-07T14:43:47-08:00

For questions regarding security services, please contact Ember Breckenridge, Prosper Portland Project Manager II.

Who is providing security? How much will it cost?2019-02-07T14:42:50-08:00

On July 25, 2018 Prosper Portland issued Requests for Proposals for security planning and on-site security services for the USPS site. After a competitive evaluation process, we selected Safeguard Security Inc. to provide these services. The contract will be approximately $2.5 million over three years.  The expected start date for security services is February 1, 2019.

Why is Prosper Portland providing security to the USPS site?2019-02-07T14:42:18-08:00

Prosper Portland acquired the 14-acre USPS site with the Portland Housing Bureau investing resources to acquire development rights to secure affordable housing on the site. While a retail component to the USPS site is currently in operation, much of the property is vacant. The site will remain vacant for some time, given the expected building demolition completion in 2022. Prosper Portland seeks to ensure the safety of people and property at the site both before and after demolition occurs and until development occurs on the property.

How long is the Broadway Corridor Project expected to take?2019-02-07T14:41:41-08:00

We are assuming that the buildout of the Broadway Corridor project will take place over the next 15 to 20 years with construction of the first phase of development starting in fall 2022. The master planning process, which began in June 2018 and is expected to be completed in Fall 2019, will address the plan for phasing the development.

How long will demolition of the main USPS mail processing facility last?2019-02-07T14:41:18-08:00

We expect the process, which includes contracting, relocation of the USPS retail site, permitting, demolition and abatement, to take between 3-4 years. We anticipate completing demolition by the end of 2022.

What portions of the sidewalk/blocks will be closed to pedestrians?2019-02-07T14:40:59-08:00

We don’t anticipate any sidewalk closures during demolition.  At a minimum, the east side auxiliary street would be closed off from vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as access to the pre-existing entrance to the retail and post office box lobby. These closures should not impact the sidewalk along Hoyt Street.

Are any of the structures on the site historic?2019-02-07T14:40:39-08:00

None of the structures are considered historic.

Will environmental remediation work happen either as part of demolition or prior to interim uses?2019-02-07T14:40:17-08:00

Environmental work directly related to the upcoming demolition work is the hazardous building material abatement that must be completed before demolition begins. If the existing cap (pavement, building foundation, landscaping) remains intact, we do not anticipate any impact to interim use of the surface parking lot (approximately 147,000 square feet).

When does demolition start?2019-02-07T14:39:05-08:00

We expect to release the RFP for the demolition process in summer 2019 and anticipate that demolition of the main USPS mail processing facility, which is approximately 400,000 square feet, will start in 2021. We will determine the schedule for demolition of the associated structures and parking facility located on the site later.

What is being demolished?2019-02-07T14:38:36-08:00

As part of the redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor, the USPS mail processing facility and associated structures located at 715 NW Hoyt Street will be demolished to prepare the site for infrastructure, streets, and buildings, which are guided by the development plan.

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