Shawn Uhlman

Shawn Uhlman

Public Affairs & Community Engagement Manager
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Shawn Uhlman

What do you do at Prosper Portland?

I lead the Public Affairs department at Prosper Portland. We manage all internal and external communications on behalf of the agency. That include news releases, the website, social media, video production, and print materials.

What do you like most about your job?

I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with a dynamic group of very smart people – all of whom are committed to doing what they can on behalf of Portlanders to make this city a better place. I especially enjoy working with the Public Affairs team members who inspire, teach and tolerate me each day.

What does equity mean to you?

Equity is an essential principle that, to me, means all individuals are treated with respect and dignity regardless of color, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, or income level. It means access to opportunities that will enable people to flourish, to feel safe and empowered to provide their own unique contributions to their families and communities. Focusing on equity allows us to learn about others, but more importantly, in enables us to learn about ourselves and to realize how powerful we actually are when it comes to making a positive difference.