Metals & Machinery

Contact: Kevin Johnson

Metals & Machinery

The Metals & Machinery industry is represented by primary metal manufacturing, fabricated metal product manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and transportation equipment manufacturing.

We strive to make Portland the place where companies come to establish incubators and generate new innovative products that lead the way in traded sector markets and our local economy. This sector represents the largest number of middle-wage jobs held by people of color.

Total employment
of jobs do not require a bachelor’s degree
of jobs are held by people of color

Prosper Portland Supports Metals & Machinery

Prosper Portland works collaboratively with local companies and institutions to organize initiatives and provide referrals that further the growth of the Metals & Manufacturing industry. This support takes the form of: 

Are you a Metals & Machinery business? Get involved! 

Prosper Portland provides connections to new markets, workforce trainings, and networking opportunities to help Portland’s Metals & Machinery businesses grow sales and increase competitiveness. Reach out to the Metals & Machinery industry liaison to learn more about how Prosper Portland can help your business.