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Old Town/Chinatown Five-Year Action Plan

The historic Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood spans two urban renewal areas. While it originally lay within the Downtown Waterfront URA, expansion of the River District boundaries in 2009 included portions of Old Town/Chinatown to help meet community goals and objectives for the area. In July 2014, Prosper Portland launched the Old Town/Chinatown Five-Year Action Plan, which outlines recommended steps and resources to create a safe, vibrant, economically healthy neighborhood that will maintain Old Town/Chinatown’s unique character and harness its opportunities. The Plan identifies thirteen key actions to achieve three strategic objectives:

  1. Attract new neighborhood investment to activate key properties and improve district connectivity;
  2. Promote business vitality by increasing employment and retail activity; and
  3. Align resources and build local capacity for improving district livability.

Progress Report (2018)

We have made significant progress and recognize areas that require additional work. For each of the three objectives the Community Association identified key Measures of Success.

1. Attract new neighborhood investment to activate key properties and improve district connectivity

2. Promote business vitality by increasing employment and retail activity;

In addition to the above measures of success, Multnomah County is locating its health department headquarters in Old Town/Chinatown

  • Office space for approximately 350 employees
  • Nine story, 150,000 sf building will bring together health programs, mental health and addiction staff.
  • Building is scheduled to open Spring 2019

3. Align resources and build local capacity for improving district livability.

Next Steps

Prosper Portland is engaging stakeholders over the next several months to identify community goals and benefits for two key properties in the heart of Old Town / Chinatown. We encourage you to get involved!

Prosper Portland’s goal is to select one or more developers by June 2019 for:

  • 4th and Burnside – 7, 800 square foot lot
  • 4th and Flanders –  27,000 square foot lot

If you are interested in participating in a community meeting, attending an open house, or providing input on the project, contact:
Bernie Kerosky
Development & Investment Project Manager
503-823-3459 or email