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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.

System Development Charge

Efforts and Accomplishments Report

Smart Growth Fund (from the Enterprise Foundation)

Single-Family Housing
A detached housing structure that contains 1 dwelling unit.

Site Control
Required for this RFP in the form of title, an option to purchase, a master lease agreement exceeding 99 years or other form of site control acceptable to PDC.

Soft Costs
See Indirect Costs.

Sources and Uses
A schedule submitted as part of financing application that identifies the different sources of funding for the construction of the project and provides a line item identification of how these funds will be used in the construction process.

Special Needs Housing
Housing unit(s) that are available to a specific population, such as elderly, disabled, homeless, or person in recovery.

See Developer.

Sustainable Development
Development with the goal of preserving environmental quality, natural resources and livability for present and future generations. Sustainable initiatives work to ensure efficient use of resources.
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