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Inter-Governmental Agreement


Means gross household income computed in conformity with HUD income limits.

Income Level Category
The PDC utilizes the following categories of Median Family Income, as adjusted for household size, (HAMFI) to allocate resources for the development of housing that serves targeted populations in the City of Portland:
  1. Extremely Low Income: Households with incomes from 0 to 30% HAMFI.
  2. Very Low Income: Households with incomes from 31 to 50% HAMFI.
  3. Low Income Households: Households with incomes from 51 to 60% HAMFI. (This term is also used generically to refer to all households at or below 60% HAMFI.)
  4. Moderate Income: Households with incomes from 61 to 80% HAMFI.
  5. Middle Income: Households with incomes 81% and 150% HAMFI.
  6. High Income: Households with incomes over 151% HAMFI.

Indirect Costs
Architectural, engineering, technical consultant, legal fees, application and loan fees, market study costs, etc. as distinguished from land and hard costs.


Water and sewer lines, roads, urban transit lines, schools and other public facilities needed to support developed areas.

Please see the appendix of this document for a detailed definition of "innovative".

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
The discount rate at which the present value of a project's cash flow income stream to the Project Sponsor equals the present value of the Project Sponsor's investment.

Internal Rate of Return
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