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Cash Flow Payment
A payment required by the Prosper Portland from Project Sponsors of projects receiving direct financial assistance financing including Housing Development Subordinate Loans and Equity Gap Contributions. This payment is in addition or in lieu of regular loan payments required by the agency.

Community Development Block Grant, Federal

Community Development Corporation

Community Development Network

Central Eastside


Community development
A process wherein community members come together to take action and generate solutions (economic, place-based, social, environmental, and cultural) to common problems.

Community Livability Projects
Projects supported by Prosper Portland’s Community Livability Grant (CLG) program, which provides grants to community-based organizations for projects that foster vibrant and healthy neighborhoods and improve the prosperity of area residents and businesses.

Construction Loan
A short-term loan usually made to finance the actual construction or renovation of improvements on land. The funds are disbursed as needed or in accordance with a prearranged plan and the money is repaid on completion of a project usually from the proceeds of a permanent loan. Commitment (PDC Commitment): a statement in writing representing PDC's legal commitment to a borrower that it will loan a certain amount of funds at a particular rate of interest, contingent upon specific conditions being met by a borrower.
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