Mayra Arreola, MPA

Mayra Arreola, MPA

Director of Social Equity, Policy and Communications
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Mayra Arreola

Mayra Arreola leads the development, communication, oversight, analysis, reporting and refinements of cross-functional strategies, policies and initiatives to foster shared prosperity and social equity. She manages a team of senior managers, professional staff and consultants to execute a comprehensive communication approach, ensure transparent and inclusive community engagement practices, develop and guide strategic plans, and manage the Prosper Portland Board process.

Previous to her role at Prosper Portland, Mayra worked at United Way of the Columbia-Willamette (UWCW) as Director of Community Collaborations and Investment. While at UWCW, she focused on making community impact a reality by managing investments, building critical relationships, understanding community needs and opportunities, fostering collaborations across sectors and giving United Way a visible presence across the four-county region.

Mayra also worked in rural communities across the state of Oregon with Rural Development Initiatives (RDI), where she focused on community building through leadership and small business development. Prior to her work at RDI, Mayra worked at the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) as Director of Programs and Marketing.

Mayra holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Portland State University. She is Vice President of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon Board of Directors and an Advisory Board Member with OAME.

What do you do at Prosper Portland?

I lead the Social Equity, Policy and Communications Department and work with an amazing group of people. Primarily, we develop equitable strategies that increase our internal and external capacity to better serve and support underserved communities. Also, my department focuses on designing policies and procedures that support our social equity goals, while monitoring and tracking our progress. Last but not least, we also get to tell our story, showcase the agency’s economic impact and ensure authentic community engagement.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the opportunity to showcase the human side of the agency, what we are all about, our values and beliefs and to always put social equity at the front and center of all of our efforts.

What does equity mean to you?

For me equity is when your history, your culture and life experiences are seen as an asset and your voice is acknowledged and valued. It means that systems are designed so everyone is able to access opportunities and resources. It means being able to bring your full self anywhere you go.