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Portland is well-recognized as a city with an exceptionally high quality of life, a vibrant urban core surrounded by dynamic neighborhoods, each with a distinctive identity and commercial character, and an ethos of progressive politics and community participation. In recent years, Portland has added another element to its reputation: national leadership in promoting a sustainable, 21st century economy.

Portland’s leadership is no accident. Prosper Portland focuses on building an equitable economy, based on four cornerstones:  growing quality jobs, advancing opportunities for prosperity, collaborating with partners for an equitable city, and creating vibrant neighborhoods and communities. Prosper Portland invests financial and human capital to serve the city and its residents. The agency makes explicit investments in business growth, workforce training, catalytic projects and an ecosystem that nurtures small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators alike. We are committed to strengthening the city’s signature traded sector clusters: athletic and outdoor, clean technology, advanced manufacturing and software.

Prosper Portland partners with Greater Portland, Inc. and other key organizations to promote Portland globally as a competitive location to start, grow, or locate a business.

We work with you to identify resources for starting, expanding or moving your business to Portland. We provide:

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Download the free Greater Portland App, developed by Prosper Portland partner Greater Portland, Inc. The app provides mobile access to important information about the greater Portland region, including data on education, costs, economy, innovation, exports and manufacturing, and community.

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