Lean Manufacturing Program

Contact: Kevin Johnson, email

Prosper Portland is committed to helping Portland manufacturers achieve, and maintain, the highest attainable level of
competitiveness. Since 2004, we have collaborated with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership to
provide lean/efficiency improvement consultations for more than 100 Portland manufacturers.

Purpose of Program

The OMEP partnership was established to help Portland manufacturers achieve a high level of global
competitiveness. With assistance from OMEP, area manufacturers have increased efficiencies by as much as 60%.
These improvements have enabled manufacturers to retain and increase sales; benefit from cost savings resulting
from waste elimination; increase investments in facilities, equipment and information systems; and retain and
create new jobs.

OMEP’s Process

OMEP works with owners, executives, managers and operators to assess company needs in all areas. Clients
receive a customized approach that focuses on their specific obstacles to growth. OMEP moves quickly from
assessment to implementation to ensure that the client’s efforts provide an immediate payback. Entry points
range from creating improved flow on the production line, to speeding sales order processing, to training the
workforce on problem solving approaches, to developing a strategy to enter new markets.

How to Apply

Manufacturers interested in pursuing OMEP consultations should begin by contacting Prosper Portland. Our staff will work
with OMEP to arrange a free 60 to 90-minute consultation that includes an assessment of the company’s overall
operation. OMEP will prepare a proposal for the client based on the assessment, and then submits a request to
Prosper Portland for approval of the 50% match.

Eligibility and Resources

  • Businesses must be a manufacturer located within the city limits of Portland.
  • Prosper Portland’s funding match for OMEP consultations is contingent on available City General Fund resources, or
    Tax Increment Finance (TIF) resources for businesses located in one of Portland’s tax increment finance districts.
  • There must be eligible physical improvements to the business property in conjunction with OMEP
    consultations in order to access TIF resources.