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Project Description

Community Giving Program

The sponsorships Prosper Portland provides are investments in the community that reflect our key values: to make a difference, to build partnerships, to advance equity, to innovate. We make these investments to support the underserved, to advance our goal to create economic opportunity and growth for all Portland residents and to share our story.

We use sponsorship dollars carefully – to honor the public trust. And in doing so, we hope to affect and serve the people of Portland, whether it’s through restoring a neighborhood’s safety and pride, supporting minority-owned or women-owned startups, or making Portland products accessible worldwide. When we build community, when we encourage shared prosperity, when we make a difference – we add to the prosperity of Portland.

Community Giving Application

Eligibility Guidelines and Criteria

  • Applicants must be able to provide documentation of tax-exempt status, or be sponsored by a public or private fiscal agent.
  • All requests need to be submitted at least six weeks in advance to ensure timely coordination with Prosper Portalnd’s Public Affairs guidelines and to allow for proper promotion and publication.
  • All sponsorship requests must be submitted through Prosper Portland’s website.
  • Must be tied to at least one of key outcomes of the Prosper Portland’s Strategic Plan:
    1. Build and increase access to healthy, complete neighborhoods —those with essential goods and services, transportation options, connections to employment centers, and community and open spaces—throughout Portland
      Organizations that offer local residents opportunities to get involved in designing, planning, advancing, and executing Prosper Portland’s social equity goals and objectives.
    2. Leverage and maintain Portland’s economic competitiveness and create access to high quality employment
      Organizations that work directly with aspiring business owners, current business owners, and job creators which are hubs of opportunity for people of color or underserved areas in Portland.
    3. Increase equitable opportunities to foster wealth creation within communities of color and low-income neighborhoods
      Organizations with a particular emphasis on innovative programs promoting small business development, innovation, equity, and cultural awareness within the city limits of Portland.
    4. Align efforts by forming 21st century civic networks, institutions, and partnerships
      Organizations or groups that align with Prosper Portland’s principles of social equity throughout their programs, encompass a philosophy of equity, and foster inclusionary communities.

Requests that are not eligible for sponsorship include:

  • Requests related to religious goals or that do not align with Prosper Portland’s mission to create economic growth and opportunity for Portland.
  • Party-specific political activities and organizations
  • Individuals or family programs, projects or initiatives
  • Projects focused on commercial gain
  • Endorsement of a recipient’s products, services, and/or political campaign.
  • Any real or perceived conflict of interest

View Prosper Portland Strategic Plan 2015-2020

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