July 21, 2011

The Portland Development Commission (PDC) has announced its intent to award $430,000 in Community Livability Grants to projects in the Interstate Corridor (ICURA) and Lents Town Center (LTC URA) Urban Renewal Areas for fiscal year 2011-12.

PDC’s evaluation committee, composed of community members and PDC staff, selected eight projects in the ICURA to receive full or partial funding totaling $300,000, including a senior day center, a community garden, art in a park, a daycare center, and historic building preservation.

In the LTC URA, PDC awarded four grants totaling $130,000 to the following projects: a community garden at the Portland Memory Garden, a restroom at Leach Botanical Garden, an outdoor classroom at Portland YouthBuilders, and a community health care clinic run by the Native Wellness Committee.

To view the complete list of fund recipients visit: www.pdc.us/clg

The Community Livability Grant Program, administered by PDC, awards funding annually to projects that involve physical improvements to community facilities, open spaces or historic/cultural preservation. The program invests in facilities and other neighborhood assets in the Interstate Corridor and Lents Town Center that improve livability for residents and enhance the unique nature of these Portland neighborhoods.

Since 2006, PDC has awarded more than $1.75 million to 29 organizations for 40 community livability projects in the ICURA and LTC URAs, an investment that has leveraged more than $1.8 million in other funds and volunteer labor. Grant awards have ranged from $3,500 to more than $100,000.