March 04, 2011

Today Mayor Sam Adams directed the Portland Development Commission to resume work on a package of amendments to the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area (ICURA). The amendments would add approximately 430 acres in North and Northeast Portland to ICURA.

In August 2009, PDC convened a 21-member Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to examine the potential expansion of the existing boundaries of ICURA to include portions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Alberta Street and Killingsworth Street, the St. Johns Town Center and the south side of Lombard Street. In May 2010, after 12 public meetings and considerable community input, the CAC recommended that all of these areas be added to ICURA. However, at the recommendation of the CAC, the decision to formalize the amendment process was put on hold while the Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee worked to define the public and private investment in the Rose Quarter.

“As the economy begins to improve, there are a number of catalytic projects and small businesses in the North/Northeast neighborhoods that could benefit from access to urban renewal resources,” Mayor Sam Adams said. “We will discuss whether to add the Rose Quarter to ICURA later this year, but it’s important that we move forward with these four neighborhood expansion areas today, to expedite investment.”

North/Northeast Advisory Committee Chair Charles Wilhoite applauded the announcement. “We’re pleased to advance this effort, which will empower small business owners and neighbors in northeast Portland,” said Wilhoite, who also serves on the PDC Board. “We will continue to move the Rose Quarter process forward and I anticipate that the solid working relationships we’ve established with our CAC will play an essential role in future Rose Quarter development.”

PDC staff will complete the required technical work over the next few months. The proposed amendments will then appear before the PDC Board, Planning Commission and City Council this summer for potential adoption/approval.

For more information on this effort, including a detailed timeline and opportunities for public testimony, visit: