Prosper Portland and WSI manage additional resources that will be leveraged with COEP, including business technical assistance through the Inclusive Business Resource Network, professional services for businesses (legal, marketing, bookkeeping), access to capital, training scholarships, on-the-job training, participant supports such as child care, transportation and jobsite readiness (tools, boots, etc), case management, and BOLI certified pre-apprenticeship training.

Efficiencies & Innovation

Prosper Portland and WSI currently manage grant agreements with many organizations who are possible COEP partners. The Inclusive Business Resource Network and Economic Opportunity Program provide existing structures to seamlessly manage additional grant agreements and monitor program outcomes as part of larger citywide business and workforce development efforts.  Additionally, both agencies have robust client tracking and reporting systems that will be utilized for COEP.

Program Management and Development Expertise

Both agencies manage multi-million-dollar programs with numerous grantees and multiple complex, interconnected funding streams. Staff have experience developing and improving programs and creating efficiencies.

Capacity Building for Providers

Prosper Portland has managed capacity building grants in the past, when organizations are best situated to perform the work but need some additional time and funding to initiate work. Additionally, the Inclusive Business Resource Network and Economic Opportunity Program both convene partners monthly to discuss best practices and create opportunities to develop professionally.