In 1958, the citizens of Portland voted to create the Portland Development Commission, now doing business as Prosper Portland  (see the City Charter, Chapter 15). Prosper Portland’s day-to-day functions are carried out through its Executive Director, Leadership Team, managers and support staff. The agency is a department of the City and its executive director reports to the agency board. You can read more about Prosper Portland leadership including photos and brief bios.

Prosper Portland, as a whole, is governed by a five-member board of commissioners (often referred to as Prosper Portland’s Board) who are all local citizens appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council. Following approval by the Prosper Portland Board, urban renewal districts, bond sales, major projects and program changes are also reviewed and approved by City Council. Prosper Portland’s Board of Commissioners is governed by these bylaws.

Prosper Portland’s structure is unique nationally, offering a greater degree of coordination than other major cities where urban renewal, economic development and redevelopment issues are dispersed among several agencies.

Prosper Portland’s reporting structure—to its board rather than directly to the mayor or other city commissioner—was created to allow the agency to implement programs and focus resources independently and not at the direction of any one city commissioner.