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Nuestro Camino

“Nuestro Camino” / “Our Path” is an ode to the families of the latinx community. Our parents and grandparents came to the United States in hopes of shaping a new path. They worked jobs that not many would take and they created opportunities for themselves because that’s what it took to make sure their goals of creating a better life would be accomplished. They started from the ground up and many times came here with no one to guide them.

As their children we watched them sacrifice their wants and needs to ensure we didn’t have to work as hard. We watched them and the beautiful culture they brought along with them. That culture was engrained in our everyday life. The vibrant colors, the rich and delicious food, the sayings you’d hear your grandpa say that your mom tells you over and over again now. Even down to their style that was somehow a mix of what they knew before and the western culture they were now immersed in. They created their own path in a place they hardly knew anyone or no one at all.

The Nuestro Camino exhibition is about continuing that path. Being strong enough to stand in our own power. Knowing not to rely on others to give us the things we want out of this life, but to work hard the way that our families did and create our own community of support and strength. Continuing the path for them and all the hard work they dedicated to us. It is the modern interpretation the younger generation of latinx people have created out of the wonderful culture and drive we watched and are now making our own.

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