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Regularly scheduled meeting


#i Item Title & Presenters Report / Resolution Time
1 Call to Order and Roll Call
Gustavo Cruz Jr., Chair
3:45 pm
2 Commissioner Reports 3:46 pm
3 Executive Director Report
Kimberly Branam, Executive Director
3:50 pm
4 Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2018
3:55 pm
5 Public Comment for Items not on Agenda 3:56 pm
6 Action Item: Authorizing Signatories for the U.S. Economic Development Administration Loan Program Report 18-16
Resolution 7271
3:59 pm
7 Information Item: Update on the Evaluation and Selection of Beam Development for Redevelopment of the ODOT Blocks in the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area
Lisa Abuaf, Development Manager
Alison Wicks, Project Coordinator II
Report 18-17 4:00 pm
8 Information Item: Update on the Prosperity Investment Program
Tory Campbell, Entrepreneurship & Community Economic Development Manager
Sue Lewis, Project Coordinator II
Report 18-18 4:30 pm
9 Adjourn 5:00 pm
Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations to attend/participate in this meeting should call (503) 823-3200 or (503) 823-6868 (TDD) at least two business days (48 hours) in advance of the scheduled meeting date for assistance.
A video recording of this meeting will be broadcast on cable channel 30 on Friday, May 11, 11:30 p.m., and Monday, May 28, 8:00 p.m.

i Note that item numbers may not represent the order they will be heard, but represent the location of the item in the packets.