June 30, 2015

PDC has launched Spanish language-versions of its social media identities on Facebook and Twitter. The PDC en Español Facebook page debuted Tuesday, June 30, 2015; the agency launched its PDC en Español Twitter handle at the same time, using @pdc_ee.

The move toward multicultural communication tools is a natural and timely outgrowth of the agency’s commitment to the inclusive growth of local business and industry. Portland’s total population is now nearly 10% Hispanic, according to 2010 Census data, and Oregon’s Hispanic population grew five times as fast as the state’s total population in the past decade. The United States is now the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world after top-ranked Mexico.

PDC’s recently adopted 2015-2020 Strategic Plan made a strong case for improved engagement with non-native English speaking populations to raise the profile of PDC loan, grant, and technical service programs. PDC en Español seeks to improve access to startup and small business resources – capital, mentorship, and networking – for underserved populations in the city. The Facebook page will act as a virtual hub for Latino-centric businesses and residents to meet each other digitally and discover new opportunities.

Join the PDC en Español community! Like the page, follow us on Twitter, and watch for new content and announcements on pdc.us.