Contact: Shawn Uhlman, PDC, 503-823-7994

February 10, 2014

Belmont Goats
Cover of The Belmont Goats’ proposal

The Portland Development Commission has approved three temporary-use proposals on vacant PDC-owned sites in the Lents Urban Renewal Area, and will pursue further discussion of qualifications and feasibility of a permanent project as well. The proposals were among six responses to a PDC-issued Request for Interest in permanent or temporary uses of the Lents properties, which are located in close proximity to the historic and re-emerging commercial heart of the Lents neighborhood at SE 92nd Avenue.

PDC Executive Director Patrick Quinton said, “We’re very pleased to see these Lents sites activated with community-driven projects inspired by the Lents Grown brand and adding to the growing positive energy in Lents.”

The Belmont Goats will locate temporarily on the site at SE 93rd and Woodstock; PDC has also offered to work with the project proposers to locate the herd on PDC-owned lots at SE 91st and Foster Road on a seasonal basis when the Lents Farmers Market is in operation.

At PDC’s request, two of the proposers, Propel Studio Architecture and ROSE Community Development, will co-locate at 8801 SE Foster Road. ROSE Community Development’s proposal, “Lents Grown – Our Stories” will be an installation of photographic portraits with text and audio produced through a collaborative effort by members of the community. Propel proposed an installation of gabion (wire mesh) furniture to create a gathering space and placemaking identity. PDC’s evaluation committee, made up of community stakeholders and staff, noted that these two uses combined on one site would be more successful than separated on individual properties.

Nick Sauvie, ROSE Executive Director, said, “As a community builder and property owner, ROSE has a deep commitment to the Lents Town Center. This project is a great opportunity to feature the diversity of Lents and to add life to the town center.”

Lucas Gray of Propel Studio Architecture said, “We love the idea of collaborating with ROSE Community Development and incorporating the stories of local residents as a way to better integrate our installation with the community. We actually met with them last summer to talk about ways we could work together so this is a perfect opportunity.”

Speaking on behalf of the Belmont Goats owners and caretakers, Christopher Frankonis said, “All of us are excited for this next phase of Portland’s original resident urban herd. We look forward to working with PDC and, especially, the residents of Lents to make this ongoing urban experiment in rural community truly Lents Grown for the coming year.”

Each organization will receive a $7500 grant that can be used for design, construction materials or labor, or construction project management. The temporary uses will range from one to three years.

Community members on the evaluation team were Sarah Broderick, Lents International Farmers Market/Zenger Farms; Carolee Harrison, Vice Chair, Lents Neighborhood Association; Jerry Johnson, Johnson Economics/ Neighborhood Economic Development Leadership Group; Ed McNamara, Mayor’s Office.

The evaluation committee also recommended that PDC continue discussions with a Lents property owner who proposed the only permanent use project, a mixed use building at 93rd and Woodstock.